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Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki provides fast, lasting relief pain relief...
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Dr. Thomas Polucki also has advanced certifications in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Metabolic Typing and Functional Medicine that allows him to help people with drug-free, non-surgical solutions to permanent weight loss, nutritional detoxification, allergies, bio-identical hormones, sleep and digestive tract rehabilitation.

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Back Pain Relief
Back pain options Start Today...

A brief review of beliefs and the facts about treatment options, safety and satisfaction. The only thing worse than back pain is back pain that keeps coming back.


Sports Injuries
Get Back In The Game...

Sports injuries can take you out of the game, here is what to do now and how to avoid future injuries while improving your game.


Natural Weight Loss
Feel Better, Look Younger, Live Longer...

There are countless Weight Loss Plans, systems, processes and now even surgery is an accepted strategy.
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Get Relief Today...

While some allergies can be life threatening, many people have some level of mild allergic response to something at any given time.


Sleep Problems
Sleep Better Tonight...

Sleep Problems can ruin your life. There is real danger in not sleeping enough. Your health and the safety of others is at stake.


Headache Relief
Headaches are a warning sign...

Headaches are common, so common that many people thing it is normal to have a headache on a regular basis.
There is nothing normal about recurring headaches.

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