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If you suffer from headaches in Santa Clarita more than once a month, here are some things you should know. Headaches are common, so common that many people thing it is normal to have a headache on a regular basis.

There is nothing normal about recurring headaches. Headaches are a warning that something is wrong.

As long as you have been checked by your medical doctor for all the uncommon and deadly causes of headache like a tumor or an aneurism, then there are only a few things that could be causing your headaches and this is my specialty.

The functional approach to lasting headache relief:

Headaches are caused by 1 of 3 things:

A disruption of normal blood flow in and out of the brain can cause headaches. If this is the reason for your headaches, a specific no-twist, no-crack adjustment in the neck can take the pressure off the blood vessels feeding your brain.


Abnormal stress in the neck and shoulders can contribute to a tension headache; again the best approach is to reduce the physical stress and rehabilitate the connective tissues so that the headache doesn’t return at the first sign of stress.

And finally chemical imbalance can cause headaches. Contrary to popular belief headaches are not caused by an aspirin deficiency. If anything headache medicine increases the frequency and severity of headaches in people who use headache medications.


You may want to know what foods and supplements will balance your body chemistry to help you avoid headaches.


You may want to know if there is a stress related hormonal imbalance contributing to your headaches.


If you would like a complimentary consultation for to see if you are a good candidate for lasting headache relief, call 661-753-9340 now because your headaches could get worse, and if we accept your case and you get better you will feel better, look younger and probably live longer without headaches!