Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems can ruin your life. There is real danger in not sleeping enough. Your health and the safety of others is at stake. It can feel like you are losing your mind so here are some helpful tips you can use tonight. First know you are not alone, here are the facts:

The most common professional solution is medication; please review some of the serious risks here:

My friend Doctor Mercola has a few natural suggestions for sleep problems.

And here are some helpful conventional chiropractic recommendations for sleep problems.

The functional approach toward rehabilitating sleep disorders starts with asking questions.

Is pain interfering with your sleep?

Do you wake up in the same position you go to sleep in, or do you toss and turn?

Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?

Do you wake up at 4 am for no reason?

Does your mind race when you try to get to sleep?

Do you have the same thoughts over and over?

Your answers determine how we will move forward in resolving your sleep issues.

Please try the suggestions listed from my friends above and if you still can’t get a good night’s sleep naturally, take our survey and schedule a free phone consultation.

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